FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 – VAR (Video Assistant Referee)

8 June 2018, 12:30 pm

Remember Frank Lampard’s “Ghost Goal” from the 2010 World Cup? Moments like that have pushed goal-line technology and video replays into the top flight of football.

VAR or Video Assistant Referee Technology will be used at the 2018 World Cup in Russia. It’s primary focuses are moments leading up to Goals, Penalty decisions, Direct red card incidences and cases of mistaken identity.


Working in tandem with the TV broadcast teams at the venues, The VAR team will have access to Slow motion and Ultra HD camera feeds; As well as two dedicated Offside cameras.

Placed around the stadium, these cameras will help an off-site team to assist the referee in making decisions by reviewing footage.

The camera feeds will be fed to a Headquarters in Moscow where a dedicated VAR team will be in direct communication with the team of referees pitch-side.

The Technology has already been applied to the Bundesliga and Serie A league matches.

The pitch-side referees will also have access to screens for review however this has met some resistance in how it disrupts the flow of the game.

There is a possibility that VAR decisions will be taken out of the hands of the pitch-side referee and dedicated to a VAR Referee at the Headquarters. Benefits of this may be quicker decisions in most incidents.

All of this will hopefully assist in making this year’s World Cup more coherent and fair.